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Thank you for the Seal of Approval (TM) on my PSP page :D I haven't played Flatout, no. Will give it a shot. Thank you!
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saint-images 4 weeks ago

I just thought you might like it based on your racing games selection. It's one of my favorite games, though I mostly played it on PC where it's titled Flatout 2. Flatout Head On on PSP is basically Flatout 2 with an extra game mode and a different OST. I hope you enjoy it!

lhfm 1 month ago

A redesign of your site would be cool to see. I tried having different designs for different pages on my site before, but I eventually consolidated a lot of them because it was a little jarring jumping between different designs.

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plasticdino 1 month ago

I love your current design, but if you don't like it anymore it could be time for a change! I love ur paint art btw

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darek 1 month ago

Dear lord, I really hope everything for you works out and you end up not getting onto that draft!! Also, a redesign isn't absolutely necessary for a site like yours, though, if you feel like your current style is in need of change, I'm all for it!

saint-images 1 month ago

Thank you for your replies, everyone. By redesign I mean keep the background, the header style etc., so mostly layout changes with a bit of other changes while keeping the same overall esthetic.

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