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idk why but I had a dream about neocities tonight and one of the things in it was that you updated your website to consist entirely of confusing scrollable iframes lol
saint-images 1 week ago

sounds like an april fools' gag lol

mortalboy 1 week ago

ok but i swear ive seen a site like this before

twelvemen 1 week ago

i need to make a confusing scrollable iframe page now

teethinvitro 1 week ago

You're not supposed to know why. That will break the system. You should enact the prophetic vision.

bmh 1 week ago

Too many iframes? I don't know what you're talking about...

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wilton 1 month ago

New looong post about our hiking trip in September :)

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saint-images 1 month ago

It was a great read! I'm really glad you spent some amazing time with your friends, that's what matters the most, and the scenery is stunning as well! And wow, that's a lot of sheep! The lake photos are really good.

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saint-images 1 month ago

I myself wouldn't mind visiting Zakopane, at least to see the ski jumping hill. My granddad visited Zakopane quite often during his prime years of his old age.

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wilton 1 month ago

Oh right, I've seen you're big time into ski jumping! We did get to see the hill, Wielka Krokiew, actually! It was my 1st time in a place like this and wow, the TV broadcasts really don't do justice to the sheer size of these ski jumps; Even tho it's a K-125/HS-140, so it's far from the biggest... but still, I'm even more impressed by Yukiya Sato's WR here now :) Wonder if anyone can ever break it within my lifetime

I've been writing a blog post for a week and I just can't finish it 💀

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