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twelvemen 1 month ago

I almost made a pinhole lens when i was drilling out a body cap for the fisheye, but by the time i used my smallest drill bit the hole was already letting wayyyyy too much light in lol, fun to experiment though

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bmh 1 month ago

I think it's great about the cherry blossoms photo being used for an album cover. As for pinhole cameras, back when I was at college we made some using photo-sensitive paper and finalised them in the lab.

vinizinho 1 month ago

Your photos are simply beautiful! I don't know enough about photography to express it in a sophisticated way, but I I find them very peaceful and comforting. The colors are always so tranquil and inviting...

saint-images 1 month ago

Thank you!! The colors are actually from (dumb) post processing, and the raw photos don't look like that. Some are from ready-to-use presets, some are results of my own experiments. It's a two-sided coin really, but I'm glad that it works at least.

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vinizinho 1 month ago

I imagined you applied some filters/post-processing and that the original photos were different, but nevertheless, the end result is very pleasing, and imo that's what counts! :)

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