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Procrastinating™ by working on v5
busy being a last year uni student, but i still hope i can get v5 done like... til the end of the year
melankorin 2 months ago

i am very tired.

literaturegirl 2 months ago

melankorin lives!

melankorin 2 months ago

not dead (yet)

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literaturegirl 2 months ago

melankorin dies and im suddenly charged with necromancy

this website is so cool! i like the black and white page design. reminds me of the macintosh 128k
melankorin 2 months ago

thank you!! ahh i love old mac os uis so yeah even if i didnt think of them i was still inspired by them

your website is so delectably beautifuul! your blogs are all so interesting i luv it sm
melankorin 2 months ago

thank you! :D

such a cool website!! your 'how to design a personal website' blog really helped me streamline some of my thoughts :3
melankorin 2 months ago

ahhh im really glad to hear so many people found that useful. i plan on writing a part 2 for it detailing my process as it's happening, it'll be out when the next major update is out (hope i can get it done this.... year ._.)

your site is DELICIOUS... to me it tastes like when you lick a coin but in a very satisfying way.
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melankorin 2 months ago

thank you! now im curious though...... what do coins taste like? is there flavour hidden under the endless layers of filth?

Always cool to see new Mamimi and Misaki art. I really like the way you use texture in your drawings. :]
melankorin 2 months ago

(6 months late lmao) thank you! gotta draw my favourite girls

finally an update! i'm back from the void
melankorin 9 months ago

FUCK i forgot the fix the date on the changelog entry


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