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lethalcompound 3 days ago

not much for this update. the video game vortex landing page is marginally nicer (been digging out some old graphics i made many moons ago, i always feel like me site is too text-y and not enough design-y), and trimmed the fat off the nav bar cos i really didn't like how bulky it was

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lethalcompound 1 week ago

a small project am buzzing to have finished, i've rebuilt + rehosted chu ishikawa's official site! have a poke around here: and feel free to read the accompanying blog post here: x

lethalcompound 2 weeks ago

added me instagram link to the footer for those who may like to follow me elsewhere, and also added a new cd review for 'the woods', new release (as in yesterday) from industrial/power electronics legend satori. have a read if you'd like to: x

lethalcompound 5 months ago

another minor update as always. meatspace life prevents me from working on this as much as i'd like to. updates to me gig listings as well as some cassette updates too :-)


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