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I uploaded a Youtube video !! -> It's about weird and wonderful PS1 games!! I'm planning on revamping/redesigning my website very soon too, which will showcase my videos more as I release them :) I am very excited
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marcika 1 week ago

loved it!!! also noticed ur url to neocities in ur yt description is instead of wanted to say something cuz i want ur yt subscribers to see ur awesome site!!

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Haven't made many website updates for some months.. will probably do a little bit of a website revamp in July!! woo!! Tbh I've been focusing mainly on my art recently :)
Haven't come onto Neocities for ages :( Really hope I can update/revamp my website soon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
reminder to anyone that i am on twitter at @iris_lyoko !! i want to connect with people !!
Wooo I wrote stuff on some weird and wonderful Japanese games! :D
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laytonloztew 6 months ago

I learned of Poinie's Poin from viewing your page, I played it myself and had a good time. I've also made achievements for it over on RetroAchievements. Thanks!

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IRIS LYOKO was updated.
7 months ago
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just a message to say that you can follow me on my new twitter at @iris_lyoko if you want :))
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Second article is now up on my website! "The Wonder of The Dark Crystal" ✨ I showed the film to my partner the other day so I decided to write about it too! It's an eerily magical film with great story-telling and impressive puppetry and design 🔮

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