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A shoutout to a recent unsung hero in Japan
Started searching out some older music that I missed out on when it was first released. Can't believe I missed out Eiffel 65's second album. How did my younger self not know about Contact? Also, I think I'm getting old.
The number of coronavirus cases have drastically decreased in Japan, following the end of the Tokyo Olympics. But why?
The west gets Gundam model kits ahead of Japan? 何???
最近、先生としてオンラインレッソンしている。印象は? Recently, I've been running online classes at school. What do I think about it?
your button isnt working for me :(
tojisworld 1 month ago

Thanks for letting me know. I just added a png version on my links page.

tojisworld 1 month ago

Also, I just realised looking at your links page - you'll need to host the button on your site for it display, as hotlinking doesn't work

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