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the site may say it was updated but it was just me uploading images in hi res to link somewhere. <3
deciding when i wanna release my rework...... i wanna at least get the homepage set up, so maybe once im done with that? it'll be a while before its at a "complete" state but i wanna share ittttttt
if youre wondering how progress has been going on the rework
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whenever i catch a glimpse of one of my blinkies or stamps on someone elses website i get sunglasses on my face and i fold my arms prominently and smirk and look at the camera
ovengoats 1 month ago

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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every time im on neocities browsing sites i always have like the biggest smile on my face this shit rocks !!!!!!!!!!
css filters are like a horse you have to tame and respect. backdrop filters are like shadow horses
ovengoats 1 month ago

(progress on the site rework has been going well😺)

hit like if you love that one spore render with the creature at the computer. you know the one
guess whos working on that damn website again
ive been soo crazy busy (babys first Employment) and burnt out (babys first burnout on technicality that it has been years ceaselessly) but progress on site revamp will be picked up again soon. it haunts me. hi
the longer i work on my redesign the more i think my current site looks so so so ugly. need to finish this up ASAP !!!!!!!!!
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