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The looping videos are broken, but luckily it looks like they got picked up by the internet archive. RIP gfycat, it couldn't make it this decade.
Nice site. An arcade is opening up near me and there is a possibility that they will get Initial D: Arcade Stage installed. Have you played this game? I have always been interested in the franchise (though I have yet to get into it).
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burstintotreats 2 years ago

I'm not into Initial D games, Wangan Midnight or anything like that (yet) but they are on my radar. Our last mainstream arcade closed during COVID so I no longer have access to an Outrun 2 machine.

pagespages 2 years ago

I am sorry to hear that. It seems that arcades are still popular where I live. Hopefully, you will have a new arcade to go to soon.

I hear you, but I've been busy and put my time into other things. I had actually worked on it more with new content, just stayed unpublished and needs dusting off.
madville 2 years ago

Sorry, I didn't want it to seem like I was pressuring you. Take as long as you need, I just wanted to express how much I've enjoyed your recommendations over the past couple years.

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On behalf of Neocities thanks for collaborating with dann on the hit counter fix. Community effort! He-Man is the best.
billsworld 3 years ago

No problem... Come support Neo-Neighborhoods now :)

keysklubhouse 3 years ago

Adding my thanks! They're a couple really handy scripts and I appreciate them very much. :D

lsuzkxbziosbd 3 years ago


Hi. I think we've figured out a fix for the Hitcounter code. Just requires changing the URL referenced. I've updated the fix on the tutorial:
burstintotreats 3 years ago

I saw it earlier today. Thanks for the heads up and working with Bill on a solution, it loads very quick too.

Hi Dann, your native counter tutorial was very helpful. I knew the API had the data but never knew how to implement it without knowing a lick of code. I get that it relies on as a proxy. Starting in February it broke and have to auth on their demo site, but it seems to work for 24 hours only. Can you recommend a native fix for this?
dann 3 years ago

I figured at some point that this would happen. Ill see if there is an alternate method. The cross browser security is a huge barrier however

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The fact you have Need for Speed Most wanted quote on top, make me happy
joppiesaus 4 years ago

whoa never noticed this lmao hahahaha

Nice relaunch but I missed it last week. How does one work towards getting listed?
myonlinepityparty 4 years ago

Yes, I would also like to know! :D

districts 4 years ago

This should be answered clearly enough in our FAQ, which points out what we look for in a site and how we search for them; but basically, we dig through Neocities every now and then to look for sites to add, and if we can categorize them, and they have a decent amount of content, they’ll get added to the listings.

burstintotreats 4 years ago

Added something for the Half-Life fans, also a new 88x31 button


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