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Nice site. An arcade is opening up near me and there is a possibility that they will get Initial D: Arcade Stage installed. Have you played this game? I have always been interested in the franchise (though I have yet to get into it).
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burstintotreats 10 months ago

I'm not into Initial D games, Wangan Midnight or anything like that (yet) but they are on my radar. Our last mainstream arcade closed during COVID so I no longer have access to an Outrun 2 machine.

pagespages 10 months ago

I am sorry to hear that. It seems that arcades are still popular where I live. Hopefully, you will have a new arcade to go to soon.

I hear you, but I've been busy and put my time into other things. I had actually worked on it more with new content, just stayed unpublished and needs dusting off.
madville 11 months ago

Sorry, I didn't want it to seem like I was pressuring you. Take as long as you need, I just wanted to express how much I've enjoyed your recommendations over the past couple years.

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