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What do you think makes a good and bad about me page?
bugland 2 days ago

i think what makes a good one is too subjective to say but a bad one? one that i've noticed with a lot of teens- oversharing about every detail regardless of if it's relevant. some people state they're csa survivors as casually as their star sign yet never talk about it. it comes across highly concerning.

gwtagacw 2 days ago

Agreeing with Bugland on the good ones, though personally I like the ones that say a lot of little things about a person. (But that's just me..) As for a bad about me page, ones that are just Name/Age/Pronouns and nothing else. Like they have no interests at all

jakey 10 hours ago

brief and to the point i.e. who you are and generally what intrests you have. bad tends to be when you start to include dense, descriptive paragraphs + personal details

If I made a Crazy Frog fanclub webring, would people want to join it?
upallnight 3 days ago

Only if you get a free ringtone for joining.

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owlman 2 days ago

The only thing you get is being on a watch-list

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I'm typing this on my phone :0
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owlman 1 week ago

- Team VidLii

elementz 1 week ago

YouTube > vidlii lol

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2 weeks ago
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owlman 2 weeks ago

Well shit on my face and call me Bill Oddie, I made a new review!

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