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I'm just going to go to the shops to get some smokes, I'll be back...
soups 1 day ago

dad come back

arkmsworld 1 day ago

That's what my dad said too. Haven't seen 'im since. :(

tehleroy 14 hours ago

come back pls we miss u

OWLMAN was updated.
2 days ago
owlman 2 days ago

Sadly it's the same "Dear friend" E-Mail I have had four times already

yudosai 2 days ago

damn, I thought u were gonna get some funny emails! Oh well!

OWLMAN was updated.
1 week ago
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owlman 1 week ago

Such a clusterfuck of an E-Mail address

OWLMAN was updated.
2 weeks ago
owlman 2 weeks ago

Nothing new, all I did was center the page

OWLMAN was updated.
2 weeks ago
owlman 2 weeks ago

The E-Mail was sent in Czech, so I'm guessing the scammer is from The Czech Republic. I looked up what the E-Mail was about on Google Translation, and it seems to be from someone calling their self "Mr. Kelly Brown", who sent me a "business opportunity email" (they did not), and is "still waiting for [my] answer". I also looked up what the title of the E-Mail, "fnfgn", means, and it seems to be gibberish.

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