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3 days ago
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joppiesaus 2 days ago

lmao that spam email. Unfortunately the hospital pictures are returning 404. Please update the links/upload the images and also a copy of your pasport, so I can finally rent a house on your name and get a payday loan for some food also on your name.

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joppiesaus 2 days ago

also that identity card lmao hahahahhahahah that's a identity card for minors lmao

joppiesaus 2 days ago

whoa the more I read this the more funny details pop up have a great day owlman

joppiesaus 2 days ago

your site really _is_ a maze of interesting content!

owlman 2 days ago

Cheers for the heads up. I must have failed to upload the images, but they are now online. Really something. Enjoy the rest of your week, Jopp.

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