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Hoy Humans! I made a lil program that makes galleries for neocities sites, you are welcome to test it out and report back >:D
liminalphotos 4 months ago

woaaa thank you :D

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myrrh 4 months ago


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kingofteeth 4 months ago

oh man I will definitely look into this for displaying fanart & screenprint work

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cherrypockies 4 months ago

wow this was exactly what i was looking for! thanks!

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tetrisk-lair 4 months ago

melonking you're a fucking godsend

catbyte 4 months ago

!!! this is great! i can't wait to use this :O

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paintkiller 4 months ago

Incredible work!

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minos 4 months ago

You're an icon for this!

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melonking 4 months ago

Im glad people are pleased!! I wasn't sure if this would be wanted or not! :S

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