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jeremyredhead 1 week ago

Yet another blog post about not putting out stuff and blog posts, but this time with a surprise! (just read it please, okay?)

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one of these days i really will update, i swear. i'm sorry, just a lot going on right now in my life and i haven't managed to find or make time to create/upload stuff
jeremyredhead 1 month ago

my life is a real hot mess™

joppiesaus 1 month ago

good luck, take your time!

so, it's [everything] been taking some [ridiculous amount of] time, so just wanted to inform everyone there will be an update [of some sort], within some amount if time [hopefully before after october], eventually [probably]. (SPOILER: the delay is related to Harvey)
jeremyredhead 2 months ago

*of {the edit button is //still// broken}

Question: Can I just create a new page or subdirectory on my site as an entry?
halloweenjam 2 months ago

I'm okay with that, if it's a new page.

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