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jeremyredhead 2 months ago

fixed the js and improved the design of the spiral corners thingy

*eyeing mariteaux & strata, et all* "yall have lost yer fucking minds"
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jeremyredhead 4 months ago

(assuming i can muster some focus, i will get up an article soon elaborating exactly what i mean, and my thoughts on Neocities, nostalgia, "good site design" & **accesiblity**)

dotcomboom 4 months ago

what's this?

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jeremyredhead 4 months ago

seriouslyi can not even begin to describe how frustrated & disappointed i am.

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mariteaux 4 months ago

I'm sorry I have an opinion. I look forward to yours.

rainstormsinjuly 4 months ago

Interested in reading your thoughts. Best of luck with writing up your article.

strata 3 months ago

Looking at this post for the first time, what have I done wrong? (Also, I was sure I've been following you...)

jeremyredhead 7 months ago

I could just upload the links page as a WIP. And don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE, and be sure to SMASH that little alarm bell so you get ALL the notifications when I upload!!

imaginings 7 months ago

Nice quotes page. And yes, why google something when you could... TV Tropes it?

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