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this thing on?
kitmeow 1 week ago

no u have to turn it on with the button on the side

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might get silly and upload some ~~~content~~~ today. been assembling mid-2000s period-correct gamer PC and playing shows w/ my band. hope to crank out a bunch of sh*t for the site soon <3
been hyperfixated on building a 2007-era gaming PC. i am recording little tidbits of the project on my sony handycam, so maybe someday you all will get to see some footage or photos of the final build.... i'm like an old guy with a classic car tho, you gotta let it bake for at least a couple months. byeeee
tiny update today! used melon's handy js trick to have the tab/iframe accurately update your browser. added a few things to the art/music sections, changed the landing slightly. see u soon for more big content ? maybe ? >:)
hope you all are doing well >:) I've been busy playing some shows (for my band) and focusing on my new job still, but have still been working on content for the site. thx for sticking around <3 can't believe so many people have looked at my dorky art project, it's so cool!!
holy shit i didn't know you guys had a neocities website!!! i'm such a big fan of the mixes, your collective is so creative. the production on every single song is just mind blowing!
sawteeth 1 month ago

Hey thanks for listening, we appreciate it a lot!

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discovered your site through the "secret sauce" >:) can't wait to see what else you upload here; that boiler room set is craaaaazzyyyy!!!
I just uploaded the rest of the wife shrine, so it is back in its FULL GLORY! I also whipped up a new site button this morning in case you didn't like the last one. You can find 'em both on the "Misc" page! I plan on adding more stuff to the site as the day goes on, so keep an eye out :)
xandra 1 month ago

i love your wife shrine! i love seeing people gush about their partners and showcasing healthy relationships!!! <33

saltedslug 1 month ago

yo thank you :) I love to gush about her, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

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