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I'm thinking of removing the warning on my site and replacing it with an intro or promotional material like how band websites used to do in the 2000s, what do y'all think? I always warn people of certain types of content on the websites inner corners anyways, so the warning in the beginning at this point is pretty obsolete.
axayacatl 1 week ago

i think you should do the pop up if it's what you want people to see first

yumekawahanachi 1 week ago

@axayacatl I don't think that's very helpful in this situation 😭

My website has an e-commerce aspect to it now, so a privacy policy is basically a requirement
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LP now available for purchase! Now, clicking on the album art in the discography section of the homepage will take you to the shop page for it! It'll be on streaming platforms on July 18th!
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axayacatl 2 weeks ago

congrats on the LP!! looking forward to listening

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