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that NSP place deleted our comments, and those of other people who complained about what they were doing. and they still didn't even unfollow those who asked.
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psshaw 2 weeks ago

HAHA woah, that’s skeevy. Nbd, looked like a high school band so maybe they’ll grow from this.

melvins-world 2 weeks ago

NSP deleted my comment too. It's pretty unprofessional; they could have just unfollowed me like I asked. Typical brand/label behavior I guess :/. In any case, I don't blame the bands themselves. One of them has even been on Neocites for a while and has operated honestly!

Hello there! I'll admit, learning that your name is "Psshaw" gave me a good chuckle. I really like your website; your OC's and stories are all quite interesting. Unfortunately, I did just open another window to leave, but I'll definitely be coming back :D
psshaw 2 weeks ago

THANK YOU, DUDE! So glad to see people with their own stable of characters on here! It’s really cute how your stories seem to revolve around personal growth and found family… really slick and imaginative layout, too!

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