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love your site! i enjoy your photography, very moody.
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liturgiya 1 month ago

thank you so much! :-)

okay, the new guestbook is finally launched... wipes nervous sweat. i was going to 110% completely give up on it at one point but we got there in the end. it's not mobile responsive yet but i do not care i'm too tired and i must sleep... check it out and let me know what you think xo
lemonadeocean 1 month ago

I'm glad you stuck it out. this guestbook is a work of art

staghunters 1 month ago

Ah! I wanted to ask about this system ever since I saw it in your old layout. How does this guestbook work? Does it send the message somewhere external for you to view it? I've been looking at guestbook alternatives ever since 123guestbook is shutting down services :'). Cheers!

howsoonisnow 1 month ago

i use this as a basis but i've heavily modified it!

absolutely love your site's visuals! every inch is interesting to look upon! :)
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howsoonisnow 1 month ago

thank you so much!! <3

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wow your site offers so much to look at...and I'm not big on social media myself, so neocities offers us a place.
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howsoonisnow 1 month ago

thanks! i really wanted to express myself ☺

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