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hmmm what do i do, (has the "about me" section of my page not even started for the longest time)")
bruh neocities dosent like notify u when someone comments on like your post or whatever, sorry grimnephelim i literally just saw ur replys :)
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why do some things like take a bit to actually show up on the website once i like update it?
grimnephelim 4 weeks ago

web cache stuff, typically itll update pretty quickly on neocities' end (usually i just open my page in incognito bc i could care less to clear my browser cache every five seconds)

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what are web subrings and hotlinking i am increadbly new to this
grimnephelim 4 weeks ago

hotlinkings mostly just using assets directly from another site, therefore using their bandwidth instead of hosting it on your own and webrings are mostly a pre-indexing (and/or early geocities neighborhoods) to try to interconnect peoples sites together based on interests or w/e

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cabl 1 month ago

the like update thing is placed jankey but it works so thats good :)

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