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Hai, im not dead (yet :P). I created my first 88x31 button/banner for my site! It took me long enough to get around to it ^w^
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Anyone have recommendations for pixel art software that can do animation? I'm currently using GraphicsGale and the thing I dislike is that it animates the image as a whole even when you are using layers. So a mistake on one layer is carried over onto every frame, and you'd have to manually remove it.
scifirenegade 1 month ago

I know a browser app called Piskel, but it's very simplistic. There's also Aseprite, which is possibly the best pixel art software out there, however it's not free (I think 14 dollars?). You can compile the software yourself (basically getting it free and legally), but you have to download some developers tools and compiling is... interesting to say the least.

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