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Omg yes !!!! girls rituals!!!!!
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maudfs 3 months ago

Update time! Includes: Fulvina and Raizane bestiary pages. Two new The Nameless Forest cyberpets pages. Some typo fixes. Yay!

Hmm, the site works fine on my computer, but some of the images are broken right now on the bestiary page. Let's see if I can fix it?!
maudfs 5 months ago

I found the problem: the images are case sensitive! So, I'd link to an "character_img.png", but the file is named "CHARACTER_img.png", and that messed stuff up. SO! Now I'm fixing it!

arkmsworld 5 months ago

The extensions are also sometimes case sensitive, weirdly enough. Sometimes you have to change jpg to JPG or vice versa, for instance.

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