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hello fellow dragon lover !! ty for the follow !!
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cute site ^O^ keep it up!!
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Radiant Worlds was updated.
1 year ago
maudfs 1 year ago

A new 404 page was added... finally starting to really understand CSS's power alongside custom images.

Hi! I've been looking through Nameless Forest on the web archive, but it seems several of the pages and many of the images are broken. Do you know of anywhere else that has them?
maudfs 2 years ago

Howdy! Unfortunately no, I don't know of anywhere else that has a backup of the site. :( When I first planned on adding the Nameless Forest section to my site, the original was up on it's own domain, so I didn't think to save images en-mass, so what's on the Web Archive is probably all there is. If I ever do find a full backup, I'll definitely link it on my site! Until then... no, I'm sorry. :(

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maudfs 2 years ago

I've added the dragon page finally! Hooray! It's got enough that I feel okay to post it, though eventually I want to add more... like links to other dragon related websites. :3

Hiya! I found your site through Pixpet a while back, and it was one of the things that inspired me to learn HTML and make my own internet space! Thanks for sharing your creativity :)
maudfs 2 years ago

Hi, thank you so much! Your website looks really awesome, I love the pixel art! :D

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