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Your work (and website) are beautiful!
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miq 6 days ago

:) Thank you so much!

very comfy site
onio 1 month ago

<3 ; love your pixel art!

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hey can you add awesome neocities to the toolbox?
onio 2 months ago

Ooh, I didn't see this project yet! Yes, I will!

Hi I dig your site a lot, and the chat! Actually just wanted to make sure to leave a message behind to let you know the cbox is out of order atm. Hopefully its fixed soon. Take care!
onio 2 months ago

Hey, thanks so much! I figured the Cbox account would simply downgrade to the free version if I let it lapse, but I guess not. I didn't realize it would lock chat. I renewed the subscription and it should work now. Nice account name, by the way! I was just looking into the flipper zero yesterday. Very cool device.

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