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arlita 7 hours ago

i just read through your retro pages, and a time travel room sounds sooo cool! i would love to see the journey of that coming together in the future :D

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nippo 5 hours ago

knowing that someone read my stuff makes me so happy. I'm glad you enjoyed reading ^^

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Hey I was wondering how do you get some of your images on your site looking all cool with the dithering effect and stuff? I really like the style and would like to try it out myself =) edit: Should've been more specific, I suppose the color palette is limited? Example would be images on your pets page have the effect.
onlinedevil 3 days ago

Hey there! IDK how @myblace did it, but this website allows you to dither images with custom palettes easily:

nippo 10 hours ago

that's awesome, thanks so much

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