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WOW I absolutely love the clay / play dough graphical headers. I have no idea how you did those unless you straight up manually did them
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infini 1 month ago

tysm! i made them in blender w a clay material node thingy i purchased a while ago. im pretty sure you can create one of them manually if you follow a video. i slapped the material onto some text objects and then made them gifs on ezgifdotcom :-)

I've condensed the top menu though nothing will be up until I'm finished this time... with the music subsites. Each album will have a small page with every track having its own cover and information. The Noise Vaults 1-12 will have a website as well as the absynthium collective. They lead to the subpages that have what I said before. I'll also have all of the college stuff on one page and other stuff condensed also.
jlehr 1 month ago

nevermind I put it up anyway

flutteristhebest 2 months ago

ramoane looks like they just got caught trying to steal something

Ok so its done. Enough links I think are on my site now to qualify as the five links pages. There will be a lot more but everything is functional. Feel free to look around! The only things I think are left are some of the cards/coins/dice stuff like Quadris and the rest of the coin toss game. I'm sure there's a couple more things here and there I just can't think of any.
jlehr 3 months ago

Some of my next projects have to do with music and doom. The doom project will be one of the more elaborate jokewads. I have plans to suprise the player with shit definitely not expected in a simple jokewad. You'll see.

Hey I was wondering if I could add your button to I love the site!
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skblyt 3 months ago

yes of course! and thank you, it means a lot!

jlehr 3 months ago

Done! And you're welcome.

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Site's done. I paid for the menubar and links repository pages. I just have yet to add all the links I've accumulated. That's literally the only thing left!

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