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Typical short comic series "One Shots" is live! I think I'm gonna make this as monthly, since I'm in depression even. Now 6 comics are uploaded to google drive and ready to download! Comics are on side panel on my site!
rbuchanan 2 weeks ago

Have you considered selling your stuff?

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90sgenzkid 2 weeks ago

nah, I like it do it for free (until if I got married)

Sorry for not giving any news... You all know, my county has been hit with eathquake. it's been 10 days... I'm in tears, seeing people still living after big building fall. I'm good and I'm living far from the place that happened (way far). Sorry about not giving news about this, because I'm in depression since this happened. Not only me, also my people too. I love you all.
arandomsite 1 month ago

u from turkey/syria?

misswannabe 1 month ago

Wishing the best for you!! I'm from a neighbouring county and right now I'm trying the best I can to help!! Wishing you all living there the best!!

90sgenzkid 1 month ago

Yes, I'm from Turkey.

Looks like I don't have fans. No one talks about it. I didn't get personal mastodon, only have gamedev one. I need an mastodon server that I can send fucking everything.
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rbuchanan 1 month ago

Exhibit your content when uploading!

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I'm busy with more projects
Again forgot to say, The Final Season of I Want It That Way Comic is released.
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rbuchanan 2 months ago

Post a URL

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90sgenzkid 2 months ago

it's on my site, at comics section

I know, I forgot to release my season 2 of the my comic. But tomorrow I'll release it.
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My album is out. Go get it on my site!
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Finally done with comic series, Season 2 is done.
about ADA's album... It's coming soon
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