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Are you ready for secret page?! (Birthday themed ofc, today is my birthday!!)
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I didn't know, Mutahar (The Youtuber-SomeOrdinaryGamers) now knows Neocities..
scifirenegade 3 weeks ago

He has know neocities for a while, he just puts them alongside other deep web sites (I remember he found fauxx?)

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Heyo, your site has seen by Mutahar (The Youtuber-SomeOrdinaryGamers), here is the link - (in 5:13 timestamp)
empeethree 2 weeks ago

that is totally rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also love how somebody set their background image as the one with Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Somers in the DOOM II MAP14 hottub

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Sorry for being not active, I have job and homeworks of my uni etc. but I'm trying to update this.

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