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I’ve added all the chapters of the next story section to the Spot of Mummery Story Archive - Part 12: Allagan Nightmare. I'm also testing out what it's like to use the blog as the site updates section.
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I reworked the layout of the Spot of Mummery Story Archive - I felt like the previous design was confusing. I also added the chapters of a new section to the Spot of Mummery Story Archive, entitled Syrcus Tower. After much deliberation, I chose to discard the work on the blog conversion I was doing, and decided instead to revamp the original Tumblr and give it this website's stylesheet, for a unified experience.
Thank you so much for the follow!
nyahoostudio 1 day ago

You're welcome! :)

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Congrats! You've successfully bonded with Watermelon Jelly! So glad to have you on board and love your site! You've been added to the Giant Jelly Pool, the Jellyring script AND the pals page!
spotofmummery 2 days ago

Thank you so much! I'm honored to bring Watermelon Jelly into my home site and promise to take good care of it!

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Thank you kindly for the follow! Standing tall for the digital world!

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