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thegardenofmadeline 8 hours ago

a few new pics! I spent most of the month travelling with family and lucked upon a little antique shop at a town in germany. Managed to snatch a few photos, delighted to find another picture of a guy holding a cat

thegardenofmadeline 8 hours ago

also, thinking of potentially using CSS to turn this page into like a little scrapbook page that you can flip through. However, i'm worried it'll just seem like a hassle to viewers who prefer seeing everything at once in a gallery

justfluffingaround 7 hours ago

Awww, no, I love the idea of it being a flippable virtual scrapbook! That is very neat and fun, not a hassle.

scootarooni 6 hours ago

seconding liking the idea of being able to flip through it! It's like a little extra thing that makes it engaging and fun :3

thinking about creating some kind of thrifting log to share my fun finds...
thegardenofmadeline 2 days ago

trying to decide if I want to separate my thrifted books from antiques & trinkets or just throw everything together

thegardenofmadeline 2 days ago

Added some new reads!! Finally read The Left Hand of Darkness.... and WOW

catraa 2 weeks ago

fuck yes

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roaratomic 2 weeks ago

just in time for spooky season!!

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