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WOWWWW i loveeeee the clickable animation(?) on your main page SO MUCH actually obsessed w it !!!!! also your favourite albums are S TIER !!
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caby 13 hours ago

thanku!!! super glad you like the main menu, had a bunch of fun making it!! hehe, my music tastes are all over the place but you can't go wrong with connie or vashti,,,,

why did 4 people follow me today i always gain like 1 follower a month lol what is going on
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tehuan 4 days ago

often people finding you through other people ! p common to sort of start chains of following like that

thanks for the follow i loveeeeee betsy by big thief !!!!!!!!! also the 100 gecs picture is sooo cool
scallion 4 days ago

Thank u i drew it!! I love how your website looks!!

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aaaaa i fw the radio station on your website so hard !!!!!! sooo pretty in general <33
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myrrh 4 days ago

ah thank you!!

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LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your website omg . new coolest person online
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wichitalk 4 days ago

THANKS!!! i'm such a big fan of yours the feeling is mutual

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omg thanks for the follow i love your website sm !!! always happy to see fellow butches anywhere <3 (also love silas denver melvin!!)
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tehuan 3 days ago

ofc !! and thank you so much :] always love to be around other butches fr

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