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I'M GOING TO MIKU EXPO NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bisuko 22 hours ago


blackwater 22 hours ago

sounds awesome!! :P

thanks for following me! cool site!
alexparr 2 days ago

I think it's somewhat neat too, though it seems like the creator might've stolen some code from a couple places... mainly the random message generator from my site. I'd be fine with it if they at least modified the messages... come on, there isn't even a "Random" button anywhere on the page! That makes one of [my] messages redundant!

cool-ant-studios 1 day ago

^ I'm Working On Modifying The Random Message Generator.

I'm aware my guestbook link is broken. I have no idea what caused it or why. Working on it but may have to retire it if this is some weird policy change.
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alexparr 3 weeks ago

I'm guessing you fixed it because I went to the link and left a message a few hours later. Either that or it fixed itself.

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thanks for following!
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redretrotriangle 1 month ago

No problem! I think your site is really cool I love the Tamagotchi section!

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thanks for the follow!
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