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Thanks for the follow! We can't wait to check out your podcast! Sounds super cool! :)
titletkpodcast 2 days ago

thanks! the podcast is very chill and chatty :D (we will eventually do films other than musicals!)

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Your article about nostalgia in issue 2 of Ear Rat Magazine was awesome man! It really resonated with us. You were able to articulate what it is about nostalgia that is special and yet also something in need of balance.
dann 2 weeks ago

Oh, did that come out. I wrote it a while back, but earrat disappeared until I happened to check recently. I'll have to check out the others

catcatproductions 2 weeks ago

Yeah, it just came out recently! Cool issue.

Dude, cool site. Those scans of your movie tickets are AMAZING!!! I saw a lot of those same movies in the early 2000' cool that you kept and now archived them.
rbuchanan 2 weeks ago

Thanks! Alas, I lost a few over the years...

catcatproductions 2 weeks ago

I tried to collect some and lost many as well. Funny enough one of your scans which is suuuuuper faded reminds me of most of mine. Can hardly tell what movie I saw anymore :(

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Love this! Great way to find some really cool content. Cheers!
districts 2 weeks ago

thank you very much!! i'll have to look through your own site/content myself- it's very cool to see some self produced movie content on here!!

catcatproductions 2 weeks ago

Thanks for checking it out! It's been great to have a home here at Neocities for our little indie produced shorts. I've been looking around for other movie makers too, but yeah, I guess it's not all too common just yet!

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