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love the update!
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cvrsed 2 weeks ago

thaank you!!! :]

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There is an outdated link in your Depths of the Net page. vampirefanclubhas changed thier bc subdomain to loveletters04. Figured this out by finding thier twitter @in an old snapshot. twitter had the current subdomain. Original link: -> New link:
internetbasedghosts 2 weeks ago

Fixed, thank you for pointing it out!

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hi. if you want aoutoplay to work properly on modern browsers, you can check out the quick article on my neocities. (feeling a bit bad for this shameless self-advert)
shoujomorgue 2 weeks ago

thanks, i'll check it out :O

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do you have a working winamp page with a milkdrop background?! this is inspiration
h3 1 month ago

there is a JS inplementation of milkdrop called butterchurn (github: if you want a good example, look at the music thing i made for (its the "music" entry in the sidebar)

h3 1 month ago

aaaand there is also a JS implementation of winamp ( if you want to see an example for that, i have one on my homeserver

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geouniversal 1 month ago

i was referring to your homepage! i am so inspired and i didnt believe it when i saw it. i will have to try and make this work as well one night. thank you so much

h3 1 month ago

oh cool. btw: if you need skins:

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FOUND BIG BUG: on some pages you cant interact with anything under the transparent picture! you need to add this to the css for it: div.cur { pointer-events: none; position: fixed; top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;} div.cur img {width: 100%; height: 100%;} this will make the mose "click though it". also the image is too small so this fixes it.
hi. i stumbled accross you site and noticed that the swag toggle button is not memorized between page reloads so i made an edited version of its javascript that stores the state in the localStorage (basically cookies but more permanent and only for clientside javascript). here is the pastbin link: if you want to know more about local storage read its MDN article:
If you dont have a 88x31 button already, i made you one. PNG: | GIMP File:
bye2 3 weeks ago

sorry took me a while to see this but thank you so much!! thats so cool!! :o

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