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for me my script works, at least on the /rei page, on firefox as well as edge after clicking on a random part of the site (not the link). could you show me your Console log? the script is not in the source for /hate for example, if you mean that. btw i really like the style of the page!
hosma 4 weeks ago

It doesn't work because on some pages embeds are being used instead of audio: those can't be played via JS as far as I'm aware. Also, your script can be condensed into this: (Isn't JavaScript crazy?)

h3 4 weeks ago

Oh very cool. I missed those embeds, i thought all pages used audio elements.

hi, i've noticed some of your pages (404 for example) don't work on some browsers with autoplay turned off (videos don't play, leaving a black screen). you can use my script to fix that, if you want to: this also makes audio play (only after clicking somewhere on the page though)
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suyu 1 month ago

Thank you, the script fixed the 404 but does not work for the audio pages

God damnnnn, this looks cool. The dark green background is what sold me.
h3 2 months ago

thanks :)

whoa, your site look so good! you drew all that too? damn!

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