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Hi! You site looks very cool. One thing i noticed on it and also others is, that the buttom images flicker when hovering over them because i dont have them cached yet, so i worte a little tutorial on how to reduce or even prevent that: i hope it is useful
virtuagirl 1 month ago

oh hi!! thank you so much I actually didn't notice that LOL tysm for the tutorial I'll check it out when I have the time :-))

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Small optimization tip: You only need one rotating star gif. Simply use the same star.gif on the star on the right, apply style="transform: rotateY(180deg);" to the img tag, and it will be flipped by the browser, looking just like before, but saving on 204kB of transferred data. It would also fix up the glitchyness of star2.gif, wich is 4 times the size of star1. The tool you used to flip it messed up.
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h3 1 month ago

I'll stop nitpicking now. Dont take this minor issue to harshly. Your site still looks cool.

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transrats 1 month ago

haha that's actually been on my to do list for a while! I didn't figure out how to use transform: until I already did all the stars... and now, thanks to the plush pages having their own version of the topnav (because I also didn't realize how to make separate element files until it was too late) I have over 100 stars to fix! I'll get around to it at some point haha, I had no idea the second star was so much bigger..

Juno 's cool. goofy little creature :)
magnapina 2 months ago

thank you! She is silly and funny.

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