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whoops i messed up, may you change the left arrow to thanks
may you change the right arrow link to ?
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madville 1 week ago

done done and done

Hey Yoohoo, today I saw someone drinking your chocolate milk. can you please add me to your webring? thanks
YooHoo Search, the active Search engine on Neocities
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googol 1 week ago

My site is named after a search engine yet it doesn't have one

x-tremeproject 1 week ago

I do remember Google using the term Googol as a reference because Google can result the search of 10 billions. It was to "...signify that the search engine was intended to provide large quantities of information". (Wikipedia)

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x-tremeproject 1 week ago

Or misspelling of Googol. My Bad.

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sorry to bother again, but may you change the right arrow to
yoohoosearch 1 week ago

thanks in advance

x-tremeproject 1 week ago

I was wondering why it redirect to your webring

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