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tried it last night but the headset was sooooo sensitive to movement i got to the thirdworld but was so stuck trying figure out controls i couldnt enjoy the scenery. ill just plug into my bigger monitor tonight and explore the ol WASD way. thanks for rekindling the aframe bug in me
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i like how you hyperlink your aframe realms. it's exactly what i want from the webvr experience. i might actually put the googles on later and got lost in it. assuming i can jump with a google daydream controller
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yudosai 4 weeks ago

Thanks cuz. It's inspired by JanusVR. I actually spent a while figuring the linking system out since the built in linking system doesn't work right with the physics. Unfortunately the A-Frame library I used is very buggy on mobile chrome versions -- so be warned that it might act up. But tell me how it works tho!

Thanks for following me!
geouniversal 1 month ago

: ) i like what yr doin

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yo do you not even add water to your pasta? it just cooks in the water from the veg? interestingg
trinkhk 1 month ago

lol my bad. fixed it

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