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Thanks for following. "Starting a thousand projects and finishing a couple"... that appears about right when I look around my house!
geouniversal 1 month ago

you do a great job of logging your progress and ideas, making me wanna log my thoughts out tooo. i think you'd dig

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heyty 1 month ago

Nice link :o

anyone have any luck with @media in CSS working on their mobile? i can change the browser on my desktop and get the responses i want, but my phone doesn't seem to respond. any tips?
geouniversal 1 month ago

oh just wait for neocities to reload the CSS, chilll

dann 1 month ago

Phones tend to cache css moreso than the web pages. I usually have to manually flush the local browser files to get changes to show.

geouniversal 1 month ago

i opened up the style.css file directly and that seemed to reload? but i did like 5 other things in the same 30 seconds so not positive that was it. cheeeers

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