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i like what you're doing
colexdev 1 month ago

Thanks so much. Means a lot <3

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geouniversal 4 weeks ago

i am very curious about bare metal programming, but it is intimidating to even think about c or c++ after years of python and js. i imagine the best path would be to learn a little of each and use them together, but oof that is a lot ha

colexdev 4 weeks ago

@geouniversal I highly recommend you try it out. It will probably be hard in the beginning but that makes it fun. Take it slow and use the knowledge and skills from other engineering you have done. If you ever have any questions feel free to message/email.

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thanks for the follow follow
neterkina94 1 month ago

50 followers reached! 1,000 views are coming soon in probably mid of may 2024.

thanks for the follow! i like your wildlife/startrek vibes. and your art is unique and familiar all at once!
strangesite 1 month ago

Thanks! Your site is very interesting to look through, I loved the NOAA satellite page.

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this is great!
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solar-cyber-punk 1 month ago

Cheers! I really like your space theming and all the fun, cool and interesting links!

you should be paid royalties on all games made going forward as you've idea'd every idea
hi!! thanks for following my website!
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geouniversal 1 month ago

cheers and thanks as well. i haven't played sonic this century but i still hear the rings bouncing when you hit the spikes so clearly

Thank you for following me.
geouniversal 1 month ago

your link list will consume the next few months of my free time i believe :)

oh man your site is as clean as frick
misterdizzy 1 month ago

Thanks friend

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i gotta go to bed but i will be back to finish your post punk article and read more! also the ghost ball was a great time
dmansweb 1 month ago

Thanks for stopping by my site! Glad you liked it. Your page looks very interesting as well. I will check it out when I have the time do to so properly.

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