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hello from Windows 2000
bens-random-stuff 3 days ago

I'm still working on the site for my band btw. I'll probably link it when I get something I'm happy with

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Neocities was blocked for the first like 3 weeks of school but now we're back epic
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bens-random-stuff 5 days ago

I'm gonna get another URL and make a website for my band

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i think i will never be able to create a version of my website that i am truly happy with
weezer concert in 7 days
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if you want to destroooooy my sweateeeeeerrrrrrr
wait shoot now i need to retheme every other page that i didn't do that to yet auuuuuuugh
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I might try making my whole thing an iframe but that would require me to relearn JS which I don't wanna do
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bens-random-stuff 3 months ago

nevermind it was literally easy

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