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nice, I'm always a sucker for a nice os page
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this is classic and fresh all in one
nymphblood 7 months ago

I thank you for the follow and your comment, I am so flattered. ♥

hopin all is well!
angelsaremathematical 7 months ago

hiiiii! everything is fine, i'm just busy with my studies :)

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thanks for the follow! cat in a woman's body is perfect
manulzone 9 months ago

Thank you! Your site is both interesting and pleasant to look at

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hey thanks for the follow!
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how do you rasterize your photos they look great
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doxylamine 10 months ago

thanks! i just edit in google photos. the pop/sharpen sliders create that effect bc my pics are closeups on book/dvd covers. so it exaggerates the halftone dots that are present on the physical artwork.

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your site was the launching pad of a very satisfying surf of the web
xandra 10 months ago

thank you! i'm so glad you had an awesome surfing experience! :D

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i like the computer vault idea a whole bunch. great site
angelsaremathematical 11 months ago

thanks! i really appreciate

angelsaremathematical 11 months ago

hey could you write me an email please? i want to ask you something. my address is on the main page of my website

this is a perfect webpage
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geouniversal 11 months ago

you can use the WASD and direction arrows to control the view. Shift and W / S allow for fast forward / backward. wrokign on matching the viewframe to the container div, styling the points by group and then work on filling in the "cards" that will house the tools.

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