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good omens art goes so hard!!! I love ur site design and ur about page is super fun
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followthewhiterabbit 4 days ago

THANK U SO MUCH!!!!!! <333

sick layout! excited to see where you go with this. webmastering got me through my senior year and it can get you through yours
ungoo 1 month ago

this is so nice THANK YOU :D will definitely keep workin on this....

ur writing is so cool! love the layout!! I am so mad that the new web has rounded every corner. the way you use rectangles is refreshing. looking forward to the piece on maths as a social subject
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ceterumcenseo 1 month ago

aaaa thank you so much!! and also same on the rounded corners - what was wrong with the spikey ones DX anyways, thanks again (and i sure hope i'll get to that essay soon haha (;)

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your site is really really cool - love the layout and your pages about reproductive justice!!!
wichitalk 1 month ago

THANK YOU!!! :) i'm very proud of that page

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lesbian coders the pinboard style of ur site!!
a-frontier 1 month ago

RISE!! and thank you :))

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NEW UPDATE!! featuring the abortion acess page ive been working up, a manfiesto, and a hot new layout
your style is the coolest!!
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working on a new hompage...i'm incorrible

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