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....a rubber room with rats
Hey guys if any of your use linux, which distro do you use? thinking about moving to fedora but i wanna see what you all think
kprg 17 hours ago

Yes I'm using Linux. In fact, I'm writing through Xubuntu (a lighter version of Ubuntu but you have also lubuntu which is the lightest Ubuntu like distro)

kprg 17 hours ago

Never tried using Fedora but like with every operating system, as long you have a VM (virtual machine) and ISO image then you can test without installing or alternatively you can check by making pendrive as a bottable device (recommend for that Rufus or Balena Etcher) and run through LiveCD (using system without installing)

I wanna make my website look as clean and minimal as Hugo-Bearblog's theme.
snipchu 4 days ago

I think this is gonna be the last version of this layout! I'm bored already lol...

snipchu 4 days ago

Time to work on V.3.0.0 (Which will hopefully be the one I stick with!) I want to make this layout as simplistic, neat, accessible, and efficient as possible

wow less than 5 hours and i already want to change my website's layout... How embarrassing....
just remembered position: absolute exists and now i am the happiest man alive
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snipchu 2 weeks ago

v1.0.0 is finally here! i forgot to update my website last week so im doing it now

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why does every website design i come up with look suspiciously similar to another websites layout

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