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firefox fuckin broke the ability to hover over and stop marquees??? is this happening to anyone else?
added in the sub-pages for my library page... a little rushed, but it'll do. im much more interested in consuming new media & books rn than i am with keeping track of them on my site... i guess im going through one of my disinterested-with-neocities phases.
sanguineroyal 5 months ago

Hobbies wax and wane. Go with the flow<3

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ace-spec lesbian solidarity forever
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i saw on your site that you study yiddish - how do you keep up the motivation, especially when there isn't a ready abundance of yiddish books to read & engage with? id love to study it someday.
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hillhouse 5 months ago

honestly, my motivation has been sort of lacking lately (i've only been studying enough to keep my duolingo streak going), but when i had slightly more motivation listening to yiddish music was a big motivator!! (i recommend daniel kahn!) vaybertaysh is also a cool yiddish podcast i've listened to a few episodes of. the yiddish book center also has a big collection of yiddish literature!

firozah 5 months ago

my fellow jews stand up

fiiiinally coded up a library page im satisfied with! can't say i'll be adding much to it anytime soon because i wanna focus on writing, but im happy its done!
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done with grad school apps but toootally stumped on what to make my library page look like... i need to get that up so i can write some articles !! no promises when she'll be done though bc biiiig creative block
sanguineroyal 6 months ago

good luck with grad school apps! i'm applying to med school soon so im in a similar hell...

holy shit ur site is so cool! im adding ur button now <3
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interstellar-shipwreck 7 months ago

thank you!! im on hiatus from editing pages too much while i get some grad school applications done, but i'll add urs when im back to editing frequently! your site is so much fun to explore!

indylandia 7 months ago

good luck with your apps! ofc

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my homepage and about page have been given a new look! im still somewhat on hiatus (this explains my chatbox being turned off) so don't wait for super frequent updates. but i plan to re-do the library and then make some new pages! eventually!
i love ur site design so much!! is it cool if i add ur button to my site?
bruisedgh0st 8 months ago

oh that would be so kind of you ! of course please feel free to and thank you so much i'm glad you're enjoying my site !!

still on hiatus. i have a few ideas for new pages & im feeling that itch to change my layout, but 1) i have no idea how id change it, and 2) i started taking a new antidepressant that makes me so sleepy i can't even IMAGINE coding right now. it's one thing after another for me. anyway, next message i post, i'll be off hiatus. take care of yourselves. endless love <3

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