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Hey all (people that randomly followed me out of some confusing kindness and generosity), Hope you're all well; I am well; I don't update the site (often (1yr+ since?)) much anymore, but I make a song every now and then (every few, several months?) and that is embedded on my site too. Hope you all have been staying safe and healthy (+mentally). Don't forget to be awesome
likho 1 year ago

Your website looked cool and I can't read all of it in one go. Having it in my follow list lets me visit again later.

i added a new song, check it out if you have a minute (8
shintoo was updated.
4 years ago
Nice site, buddy. And also pretty good music
you have the most beautiful site
shintoo 4 years ago

thanks friend ❤️

chill site
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thanks for following your website is cool af
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shintoo 4 years ago

thanks friend i like yours as well

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your lapis drawing is pretty (*:
spacemako 5 years ago

Oh my!! Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it. I love yr site!!

i love the aesthetic of your page, the pleasant simplicity and colour pallete is great. and nice music too! i enjoy 'waiting' quite a bit.
shintoo 5 years ago

thanks so much, that means a lot :) I really like your mega absol painting by the way (he's my favorite pokemon)

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roachparade 5 years ago

thank you so much!

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