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So, sorry for this month-long hiatus! My day job has been brutal lately and I recently started up online classes. I have also been working on YouTube videos for the first time in like... 2 years haha. It's been refreshing, but I only have so many spoons and as much as I wish I could, I can't give my all to every creative project and I don't want to half-ass it. More updates soon, hopefully!
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jotomo 2 weeks ago

Added a script that halves the music volume to the journal page! This will eventually be added to every page on the site. I don't want to hurt anyone's ears lol.

thanks for following along with my homepage :) more little pieces of content to come very soon!
jotomo 1 month ago

happy to support, love your site!! ^^

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greetings ⭐🤟👽 wow i did not expect to run into an article about my game while surfing neocities today -- thank you for your kind review! a lovely surprise ⭐
jotomo 1 month ago

uwaaa, I've been found! :0 hahah, hope I did the game justice! thank YOU for making one of the most inspired sites on neocities & putting your art out into the world ^-^

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jotomo 1 month ago

the new Computer page looks awesome btw!!

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shishka 1 month ago


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Just put out a massive update to my site! New things include: an Articles page with custom topic filters! Of course, a debut article talking about Shishka's wonderfully expressive visual novel game No Follow, and a music player on the homepage as well as inside article posts! When's the last time you read an article with a freakin music player kickin' out tunes in it? So thrilled to have this out for y'all, enjoy! ^^

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