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RPG Update: Saving was simplified and reset. I also removed name customization for the time being to simplify saving. I will work to implement a better onscreen keyboard in which you can input a name. I also have been experimenting more with items, but there is still some kinks to work out.
Thank you guys so much! We have reached another 1000 new views, and gained some new followers too! I cannot say enough on how much I appreciate all of you guys and your support for my page!
And Thank You For Following WebSiteRing!
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During some cleaning up of code, I changed the variable to which the name saves to: Essentially all current names in the RPG have been Removed, however can be fixed by typing your name again. Sorry for this inconvenience.
gamesandmore 1 week ago

Actually, there seems to be an issue with me renaming that variable, so names have not been deleted. Again, sorry for this inconvenience.

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