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How were you able to use sounds without a supporter account? Just wondering, since I am trying to find a way to put sounds on my site too.
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Working on battle animations, and then after that, battle functionality. Once battles are finished, the RPG update will be almost on par of the progress made in the previous version, minus a few minor things like erasing saves, and viewing stats. Basically, once battles are finished, I can start paving the way for new progress rather than catching up to old progress.
gamesandmore 2 days ago

Also forgot to mention this a while back: You can now search for blog posts by name, sort them, and also by clicking on one of the recent posts boxes on the right column, it will autoscroll you to that particular post! :)

Is anyone else having issues again updating site? I got errors again :P
gamesandmore 3 days ago

I'm able to log in but not update anything at all. Same as last time. Just wondering if others are having this issue too.

dann 3 days ago

Still can't edit on my end. I'm just going to see if it's fixed tomorrow at this point.

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