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Site has been moved to cloudflare pages since a) it's a hell of a lot cheaper, and provides some cool features that I like (and is a lot more optimised). $8 (once converted into NZD) is too much for a custom domain sorry. and b) I very rarely check Neocities nowadays.
novov 9 months ago

fortunately Neocities' screenshot thingy recognises redirects, though I don't promise any future updates on here. And yeah, I've finally updated it lol

absolutely gorgeous site :')
wow, didn't know there were other kiwi heraldry enjoyers out there. nice site btw :-)
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The number of fonts you've made is seriously impressive, and they look great too. I was very glad to be introduced to Chrimson Text today. Also I was impressed with the depth of your work into an alternate New Zealand flag. As an Aussie I would like Australia to develop its own flag too but I feel like we're more tied to Britain in many ways, more so than NZ. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. :)
Just FYI, I'm aware there's issues regarding my site's domain and have contacted Neocities regarding it.
just found out that someone I linked to in my site has a *long* history of extremely fucked up and problematic shit (don't worry, it's not anyone on neocities). don't want to give them any attention, but contact me if you want to know more
novov was updated.
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novov was updated.
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