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geouniversal 11 months ago

using chat gpt to build the template i've always wanted without getting lost in the weeds. i feel like a project manager and the better i prompt my guy the better our work is.

this site is great. love it
nice, tanks
thanks for making the web a little bit webier
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am i stoned or do we supporters have a facetious blue check mark now?
codeinfig 1 year ago

horrible... though i suppose if neocities is going to take anything from twitter, better this than dorsey or musk

geouniversal was updated.
1 year ago
can't wait to see more! one of these payday's i'll try to get a few zines. do you have any online copies of your comic? sorry if you say somewhere and i missed it!
sacha06 1 year ago

Hey there. Thank for stopping by. The comic series I am working on at the moment (Seeds of Spring) isn't online yet because it is with a publisher. You can order them from the publishers site or order them through a comic book store)I eventually hope to start a webcomic, but I need to finishe this series first. I will however be positing personal art and such on my site.

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geouniversal 1 year ago

thanks! i am nova scotian so a mikmaq punk story is very appealing!!

i wish you could filter out the x follows y from the feed. don't get me wrong, I've found much of my neocities folk that way, just some days its only that.
inaka 1 year ago

Wonder if you can use the API to send you a weekly site update summary every week.

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melonking 1 year ago

You can actually do it with an ad blocker. Im not sure why but the AdGuard Annoyances filter specifically removes neocities follow messages.. it really confused me when I was testing new filters!

saint-images 1 year ago

@inaka - according to, the only thing you can retrieve about other users' websites is the last update date. Well, I guess that's something.

do you have a working winamp page with a milkdrop background?! this is inspiration
h3 2 years ago

there is a JS inplementation of milkdrop called butterchurn (github: if you want a good example, look at the music thing i made for (its the "music" entry in the sidebar)

h3 2 years ago

aaaand there is also a JS implementation of winamp ( if you want to see an example for that, i have one on my homeserver

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geouniversal 2 years ago

i was referring to your homepage! i am so inspired and i didnt believe it when i saw it. i will have to try and make this work as well one night. thank you so much

h3 2 years ago

oh cool. btw: if you need skins:

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hope things have been well!
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