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goblins 23 hours ago

love the clown so much!

therealman 19 hours ago

I trust the clown

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lurvervi 11 hours ago

thanks, & i trust the clown too

okay, i think i'll update the site today. i'm thinking clowns. but maybe no.
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lurvervi 1 day ago

actually nvm, maybe later

hey, i need help. i'm trying (hint: trying) to write a story. and i would like to get some feedback on what i have so far. the story currently contains: mild abuse (it's there, but for now no real descriptions), and suicide.
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lambdafun 2 days ago

I’ll be reading that asap

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lambdafun 2 days ago

Update: it’s easy to read, in a good way. I noticed a typo: you wrote *my are eyes* somewhere in it. I look forward the next episodes.

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lambdafun 2 days ago

To expand on that (sorry to triple post) I’d say that it’s a good first-part of the introduction of your story. No misstep so far.

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lurvervi 1 day ago

Okay & i'll work on the ultra stupid typos

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i'm a literal stoner with no motivations. i simply do not have enough braincells to keep updating this site... once i buy at least 2 braincells... then i'll really get to work on this.
jackomix 1 week ago

use Honey to get discounts on the store :o

fuck being mature
stormy-skies 1 month ago

that's a whole ass mood ngl


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