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thank you so much for following my site! it really means a lot to me
hope you’re doing well — thought of you as I was doing some summer cleaning of my profile/activity
starsofcurtains 1 year ago

I'm not dead, just having a bit of a rough time finding myself while still managing the responsibilities of being alive. Hopefully back soon!

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yardonthirdstreet 1 year ago

of course! all the best to you

letslearntogether 2 years ago

Wow, what a video! I was talking to my sister about this last night. She is under the impression that I am aloof with everyone. I don't have any fear of meeting or interacting with people, and I care about everyone very deeply as fellow human beings, but at the same time, I often feel disconnected and not very intimate.

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letslearntogether 2 years ago

It is strange with how hyperconnected everything is nowadays that people still feel alone in a crowd. Communication technology is to no avail if it acts as an intermediary instead of a facilitator of human connection. Ironically, so much of our culture fosters a sense of objectification and competition when our hearts need the exact opposite. Hope you are well.

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holeinmyheart 2 years ago

"Somehow, it feels harder to decide to fix yourself and your own behavior than it does to decide to fix things that are difficult, but external." I can fix my bike, but I can't fix my heart

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holeinmyheart 2 years ago

actually, I can't fix my bike either

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