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[9/6/24 - 14:03] User apologies: Sorry for the wait. Now the user mobile/phones can enjoy this little website more comfortable as they used to. User's Phone Update. In my free time (I don't have it rn) he will update all the old content (gallery, playlist, ...) little by little. :3 ~Working User
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User's Home was updated.
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[3/6/24 15:30] User reveals: This update is called "Neocities' Update". 1. The Gallery is Offline, there is a new index with a new design, buttons++, and a Tribute Page. I'm superexcited about it 'cause I talk personally with the artist to see her visions. it took me 1 day of honest work (is mobile-friendly), no layout, full homemade.
user-maldito 1 week ago

2. Cons: - The whole website is not mobile-friendy, gimme more time. - Must take back some pages. - Remove the "Style Selector". But, eventually, everything will come back with better effects, results and styles (not a promise). What could be the next update? :3 ~ Renovated User

Oh wow, thank you so much for trying my matcha cookies recipe! I'm really honored that you liked it! 🫂
[27/05/24 - 18:55] User declares: I will "remaster" the entire site to be less erratic. I'm thinking of doing it and I'll do it. Remember, you can download my page in Github. (Fxck, I still don't know where should I start and I'm feeling incompetent and impotent about it)
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[27/05/24 - 13:48] User states: I still don't know what will be my next update. I just do 2 little thing in the Realm and Stories Sections. I really need to work out in the UX (User Experience), to be more simple (?) and clear (like other pages), but the grace of my page is to be as simple as complicated. TL;DR: I'm a mess. :c ~ Doubtful User
hey thanks stopping by
user-maldito 3 weeks ago

Aww, you too!

[21/05/24 - 10:44] User says: You're not a failure. Even if you are, you can build yourself again. Maybe someone is rooting for you, good luck. :3 ~ Lucky User
[19/05/24 - 16:18] User is confused: I don't know how to manage my Updates :C I have too many Ideas! Should I: 1. Do as always and give normal Updates 2. Reduce the Updates to little things 3. Deliver Bigger Updates to offer so much content. I like the 3rd one. Idk, u can tell me. :$ ~ Dizzy User

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