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WSMZ was updated.
1 day ago
googol 1 day ago

How's bannerlink going?

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hbaguette 18 hours ago

its going alright

WSMZ was updated.
2 days ago
anyone still use the hotline protocol? if so, tell me about some cool servers
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it'd be nice if i could update my site without neocities making a whole thing about it on my feed. maybe i want to add secret pages.
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alraune 1 week ago

its like you didnt even look at the account settings. it allows you to disable your profile

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dann 1 week ago

If you delete the post, it will hide updates for 24 hours. Disabling profile will prevent followers

hbaguette 1 week ago

oh, i checked the settings, it's just i like having a profile, and turning the whole thing off for just a few dumb pages doesnt seem like a good idea

x-tremeproject 1 week ago

Neocities is not design for private website. If you want to add secret page, Neocities is not for you.

hbaguette 1 week ago

i never said a private website i was talking about adding a page that isnt immediately visible for shits and giggles

Oh, btw, this url changed from neocade to yoohub. You may want to fix that in the ad. I'll have an updated ad soon.

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