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Hey! Thanks for the feedback on my site, i wil try to improve it
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I have been working on a few updates for my website on my local machine. Slowly and gradually. Including some mild restructuring of folder/path arrangements and some general cleanup. I don't know when I will finish them and go publish the changes to here and the other available content mirrors of my website. That is okay though. I am going through a rough time. I have been separated from my pet rabbit.
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rvklein 3 years ago

I split up a photo collection that was originally all shoved into one big HTML document trying to load like 150+ fullsize images at once and having to scale them all to fit boundaries too.

rvklein 3 years ago

Anyway, this is actually usable when split up in to simpler, smaller, and generally less unreasonable to even try and load in even the smartest web browser.

rvklein 3 years ago

Most importantly, I hope this serves as a rudimentary example of a minimalist paginated/segmented image gallery.

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