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a few changes will be made to my Neocity.
Hatsune Miku had her 12th anniversary yesterday!
people are saying ASOT alot!
biggulpsupreme 1 year ago

ASOT? I don't get it, am I being dumb?

empeethree 1 year ago

ASOT is a phrase people are saying because they see this pipe screensaver. It could means a few things:

empeethree 1 year ago

ASOT could mean A State Of Trance, and it could also mean A Series Of Tubes. But in the case of the Windows 95 screensaver, it could mean both of those things.

one reason why I haven't been active on here is because I just discovered a wacky website called which allows convenient creation for 10 second audiovisual juxtaposition video-like clips. Now, I wanna know if it's even possible to embed any content from that website on any Neocities pages.
sandyplanetz 1 year ago

i use coub to look at my old vines, they had a program that archived them if you chose to have that done or if you were popular enough

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empeethree 1 year ago

well, Coub is also a good alternative to YTMND in some ways too.

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