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I miss you!! *Hugs* I hope you're doing okay. I got loooots to tell you and show you when you get back.... Also, I love the updates to your page!! Your artwork is incredible. :D
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ive been busy irl but im okayish and coming back soon. sorry for the radio silence...
new parts added to the dollmaker, including a new body pose, a heart-eyes face, new hair and clothes :3
hey! i sent u some parts in the submission form, lmk if it worked XD
dollzrevival 7 months ago

it worked! thx for submitting them, adding to the maker and putting up the credit rn! :D

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we should have some dollz community challenges like making customs on specific bases (monthly or weekly or something), or new parts for fellow current dollmakers... :3 (i say as im putting together stuff to submit to Revivalz hehe)
added ur link to my site :]
frankencycled 7 months ago

aaaa thank you!! i'll add your button to mine, too! ^^

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hi! i added a link to u on my site :D
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dollzpalace 7 months ago

Thanks Julia, I have added yours too :)

yoooooo sick dollmaker!!! i love your art!
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ju1ia 7 months ago

back at u! the picrew project looks amazing :o

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frankencycled 7 months ago

@ju1ia thank you!! i've hit some roadblocks working with the picrew back end, but i'm working on it, lol

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