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My favourite part of Ultrakill was when V1 said "it's Ultrakillin time" and Ultrakilled all over the place
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wg2k 1 day ago

with a scene like that, i'll be sure to spend my life savings on it!

i'm very proud of the name SievePlate. i don't usually come up with names that passable. i have no idea how i pulled that one off
pencilvoid 2 days ago

i don't think i made it clear but my website actually isn't supposed to be called pencilvoid is just my name. i've been trying to think of a name for my website for approximately 3 years

just a reminder: you shouldn't be using more than one ad blocker at a time. i recommend uBlock Origin; do NOT use AdNauseum. Firefox is alright for privacy but not the best. If you're willing to give up some convenience try Tor browser
owlroost 4 days ago

And if you want to use Firefox, consider making use of the Arkenfox project to harden it a bit.

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pencilvoid 6 days ago

couldn't decide how wide to make the main content column so i let you choose for yourself

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owlroost 5 days ago

Love this idea! Might be helpful to add units to the default- right now, it's unclear. 80 what?

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pencilvoid 5 days ago

Good idea. at the time i figured the units wouldn't be that relevant to the end user (also i didn't feel like explaining CSS units)

depending on how difficult it is to implement i might add an option to make every page use the same colour scheme
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pencilvoid 1 week ago

i've never been that good at mixing colours and to be honest there are quite a few pages i think are just plain ugly

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pencilvoid 1 week ago

Added a few links to the UFSC, fixed a CSS error i didn't catch until now

pencilvoid 1 week ago

Also just pushed a fix for the display settings not working right on the art gallery pages

setting up the art gallery turned out to be simultaneously easier and harder than i though it would be
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