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this anti suicide kindness at my school stuff is not cool nor does it seem to be helping anyone
i want to make some sort of contact page or something similar to that but I don't want some fat guy named spencer demondick spamming hate mail because i didn't call him "wolf/wolfself" This senario is based off of real events btw but not the names
misswannabe 2 weeks ago

Same!! (Also the wolf pronouns made my edgy self rise!!)

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im not going to pass this year
positron832 2 weeks ago

I thought you had left Neocities for good! Nice to see you're still active here every now and then.

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idiothahaha 2 weeks ago

i was planning on dong so but i ended up not and now i abandoned my site and now i only come here to look at cool websites but i dont updade mine anymore

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I feel stupid for asking this but what does "<3" mean
idiothahaha 1 month ago

I will never typed those two symbols together again

emptygod 1 month ago

it's a heart emoji :)

idiothahaha 1 month ago

thank you for confirming my hypothesis

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